That’s Amore Zuidas is my baby, born from the love and care for the genuine Italian food culture, which makes me and my partners Tino and Enzo proud of being witnesses of.

All I do here is strongly influenced by the traditions of the place where I was born: in Sardinia we pass on from generation to generation how to make handmade fresh pasta, how to make the most of the seasonal products, avoiding industrial and processed food.

There, after attending the most renowned cooking school of the whole island, I professionally grew up surrounded by Michelin Star Chefs in the Catalan Alghero.

Later I moved to Australia, experiencing new food cultures from all over the word.

Back in Europe, I have been warmly welcomed by Amsterdam, from the highly skilled team of Ron Gastrobar to several Italian restaurants, that made me understand how deeply Dutch love and appreciate our way to cook and serve the food.

Fabio, the Chef